Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Great Pollictical Nukkad Dramas

We have seen so many street (Nukkad) dramas for awareness of some causes. If we look it at conventionally, these nukkad dramas are used to raise the social awareness and bringing back the focus some on social issues like girl child abortion, awareness about aids, equality of woman in society.

Political dramas are also not new for petty political gains. We will find great political dramatist like Laluprasad Yadav , Karunanidhi family. Even all party leaders Rahul Gandhi from Congress, Modi from BJP indulge in such acts be it having occasionally food at Schedule caste family or be it playing chaiwala to emotionally appeal particular sections of the voters.

Probably the first time in recent history, Some party is playing the political nukkad dramas and that too very effectively. Everybody will admit that AAP leader, Arvind Kejariwal and his party is a great dramatist, which is already pointed out by many political parties and section of media. If we compare the other political leaders dramas, it looks like more for the political gains over rivals. Whereas, AAP’s dramas are to bring the political and social issues to forefront. This is evident widely with Arvind's philosophy - We are not against Congress or BJP; but the corruption, quality of leaders reaching the assemblies/parliaments and the system which serves the purpose of some section of (corrupt?) people.

If we see Arvind's dramas, be it like taking on Home Ministry with sleeping in chilli night at the streets of New Delhi, be it resigning from Government for lokpal bill introduction, be it sleeping at platform with his team during UP rallies or be it Gujarat study tour. Its well directed to bring in the focus the political parties hypocrisies, nexus between parties-babus-businessmens-media , corrupt system created with unconstitutional rules, shining campaigns of governance and developments without substance as they claim. Although some of the dramas like sleeping on the platform are forced on them with having so much less funding at disposal to perform, bringing the sad truth of current state of politics , money and power is driving the politicians and the country and not the inclusive growth or India’s people.

The Gujarat study tour was one of the best orchestrated drama, tearing apart BJPs tall claims of development and governance, educating people of the nation not to believe on propagandas run through huge rallies and advertisement but to check the truth on factual basis. And the masterstroke was to prepare the list of questions related to Gujarat development and try to reach out to Modi for answers, bringing out how phony claims of our political parties are - about accountability towards the common man, inclusive growth and accessibility  of representatives to common people of India.

What remains to look at is, does people of India considers it as yet another drama and forget it, OR take lessons from it to raise themselves to their duties(towards nation and society) being vigilant and making their representative accountable? Does our leaders(from all parties)start truely representing to the WILL of people, serve the people or keep acting as rulers - unaccountable , unchecked and unanswerable?

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Current State of Affair– Politics and Society

When we look at the recent clashes between AAP and BJP, it reflect the true state of politics and we as society. The political system has become so corrupt and society has become so intolerant.  We need to ask questions like doesn’t it blatant power misuse (corruption!!!) from the parties in power when they start using the state machineries for selfish political gains? We can see blatant examples recent examples like detention of Arvind Kejariwal by Gujarat police, without providing any justifiable reasoning.

On the other had it’s so intolerant from AAP workers and some of it’s leaders to indulge in to so called Dharana against Arvind’s detention in Gujarat. As Arvind Kejariwal rightly pointed out, in his press conference that “ The fight is not against BJP or Congress. It’s against the system got build around us. AAP has to be focused and not other distractive forces to subvert the main issue of corruption.”

Here if we try to understand more on corruption, it’s all the places in our society. Everybody who looks for petty gains at any cost, not doing their duties toward society and country, honestly is corrupt.  Members of this AAP is  coming from the same society. Only difference is they are not happy with this kind of rampart corruption and injustice in the society/country and joined for this cause. But along with that AAP team has to learn for being patient and being focused. Not indulge in petty party politics which they are here to change.

 As rightly pointed out by Arvind that party does not matter, we should think of nation. Good part of this AAP is they have a leader like Arvind Kejariwal, Yogendra Yadav  are at the top and they are guiding the discontent in constructive opposition, condemning and correcting the courses on the way. If we look at other political parties, they do also have good leader like Manohar Parikar, Shivraj Chouhan , Yeshwant Sinha , Manishankar Aayyar and so on. But these leaders are not in control or their views are minority in their parties. If we look at it very objectively, we all have evil and good sides in our personalities. Overall personality depends on what are the principals govern that person.  Same applies in to the parties. Everybody looks at their leaders/idols as role model.  Till AAP has leaders having no-nonsense views in leadership there is no issues. At least for now. But that’s does not hold true with other parties like BJP, Congress. They state no-toleration to corruption, but when we look at actions these are totally opposite. Be it using state machineries, state exchequers  for selfish, party gains. Abusing power to crush the opponents. This has to stop!

We as society need to be more tolerant towards others views and thoughts. There should be sense of equality, sense of fairness in all the sections of societies at large. No section in the society should feel victimized. Nobody should feel like dominated or dominator and this can be achieved by dialogs and corruption free society ( total corruption free society is a tall claim. There would be always evil and selfish forces). This can be achieved only by dialogs and companionate listening to counter views and constructive dialogs. True uplifting of backward sections in the society. Not just posturing like many parties does for vote back politics and play cards of secularism and communalism, without bothering it’s effects. If we want to take the example, Advani’s Ayodhya yatra. Haven’t it divided the whole country and caused massacres and terrorist activities followed. May be Ram Mandir would have been in place along with Babari Masjid in Ayodya, if BJP’s top leadership would have taken the interest in dialogs with other community to build the confidence and mutual trust. The coexisted structures would have been monument of piece in India. But for petty gains, BJP chose otherwise. We need to be accept the reality.... Minority community is there to be here in India and they will be part of India. Should we leave in constant hatred or peace... that we have to decide.

Being compassionate to others views and love is only the answer and not intolerance and hatred going ahead.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

What is fanaticism?

     Everyone in the world are fanatics excepts some who had reached to Brahmin (bodhisattva) state. What differs is the degree of fanaticism. Somebody will be fanatics about culture, some will be for their religion and so on. If we try to see the how degree of fanaticism changes, some would be harming self like being fanatic about cigar, wines , money and so on... But it starts taking grave nature when it start harming and hurting the others. The degree can be gauged based on how much is the impact , is it self, family, society, country or nations.

     Fanaticism is there everlasting since ages and will be there in future...  One  can take some of historical fanatic acts from Mahabharata, which destroyed almost all human kind of bharat varsha or the recent one , by Hitler as the superior race to rule the world and pulling all the world to toe in world war...
    There are ongoing  fanatic movements  like talibans, womens independence and so on..  One has to ask does these movements are based on love and compassion and trying to up bring the underprivileged sections to equality , respect or these based on hatred towards other sections?  Whether it’s based on hatred or love , that makes the difference.  Recently I came across an story in the life of Swami Vivekananda. I will put it at narrated by him...  It goes like this ...

      I remembered a women whose husband was a great drunkard and she complained to me of his becoming so. I replied, “ Madam, if there were twenty millions of wives like yourself, all husbands would become drunkards.” . I am convinced that large number of drunkards are manufactured by their wives. My business is to tell the truth and not to flatter anyone. These unruly women from whose minds the words bear and forbear are forever, and whose false idea about independence lead them to think that man should be at their feet, and who begin to howl , as soon as men dare to say anything they do not like – such a women are becoming bane of the world, and it is a wonder that they do not drive half the men in to commit suicide. In this way things should not go on. Life is not so easy as they believe it to be; it is a more serious business! – Swami Vivekananda

I do believe this applies vice a versa in many cases...

Swami Vivekananda narrated one more incident where some writer had shared a book , which said there was no souls, but that there were gods and goddesses in heaven, and a thread of light going from heaven to all these things?  When asked, Swamiji disagreed to believe in these thoughts, then she replied “ You must be a very bad man; there is no hope for you!” This is fanaticism!  

Sunday, December 16, 2012


कुठवर पोहशील तू स्वबला !
थांबलासी गुरु घेवूनी दिव्याघरा!!

काय म्हणुनि पकडून बसलास नामाशी !
असल भाव गळुनी चालला हातांनी !!

का असशी तू कमळ पत्र ! 
ज्ञान गंगेत राहुनि ज्ञान वंचित !!
तुझ अपेक्षा बरे ते वस्त्र !!!
जे धोबीण धुलाविते घाटात !!!!

काय करता हे माय बापांनो!
देतासि शरीरासी हाड सांगाडा !!
किंतू आपल्या बाल मना !!!
नाही देतासि संस्कार सांगाडा !!!!

कराया जाशी जग परिवर्तन!
होशिल तू त्रिलोक भिकारी !!
करशी स्व-मन परिवर्तन!!!
होशील तू त्रिकाळ स्वामी !!!!

कशास ठरवसी खरे आणि खोटे!
मीच असशी व्यसनात अन व्यसनपरी!!
संसारा असावे अलिप्त दोहांशी!!!
गत असती कमळ पुष्प गंगेत अन चिखलात !!!!

देता दुध योग्यास !
घेईल आस्वाद मनसोक्त!!
देता दुध शहाण्यास !!!
बनवील पेढा तूप लोणी !!!!
देता दुध मुर्खास V
पाहील टाकून मीठ लिंबू V!

लागता पाठीशी संसार मृगजळा!
जाणता स्वताला गावशी  ब्रम्हांडा!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012


"For most people, the day-to-day experience of life is just a bundle of impressions gathered through perceptions. All the time you perceive something. You look at a tree, at the sky, at an animal, at a bird, at the people around you; all of these are certain transactions. All the time these transaction are happening through your five senses, either by seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, or touching. All the time in so many ways you are absorbing impressions of millions of forms of life and other objects around you.

What you normally call 'life' is just the constant happening of this transaction. How you transact or communicate with a certain aspect of life fundamentally depends on how you have done it before. What kind of impressions you gather of somebody who is sitting in front of you right now is simply decided by past impressions you have within you. In other words, in this way of perceiving life there is no sense of freedom. This kind of perception is just a reinforcement of bondage, because you experience things the way your mind is conditioned to experience them all the time.

What perception means is this: right now if you look at me, it's certain energy transaction. Actually, what you call life is just a movement of energy. Energy is always dynamic, constantly in motion in so many ways. So this is constant energy transactions. It goes on all the time between subject and object.

Because this whole transaction happens between object and subject, you need two entities. But if there are two entities, there is no spirituality. If you and other exists, if God and devil exists, if heaven and hell exists, then there is no spirituality. Whether you communicate with a stone or you communicate with God, it is the same. It is the same level of ignorance, because there are still two entities. Duality still exists."

- Sadhguru.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Atmanishta Upanishad

I am blessed to come across the teaching of Sadguru H.H Swamiji Atmanishtananda Saraswati. His teaching was recollected by one of his disciple (Shri Ramakrishna) and I have started putting his teachings here at series of blogs for my friends here who are trying to gain higher consciousness.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Open mindedness, dedication and patience

One can do what other can do. Then what makes us different from others in what we can do and have archived?

If you ask me it's the receptiveness, patience and dedication. Receptiveness is also can be called as open mindedness. If we observe us closely we are open for things which are interesting for us, which make us happy. But at the same time we block the ideas which makes us uncomfortable, uneasy. What makes one uncomfortable might be well received by some other person.

As a normal human being we do not want to venture in unknown territory. We want to be in comfort zone avoiding to confront the unknowns. It requires lot of courage to venture in unknowns knowingly. One can not achieve status-quo for long time in life when life itself is like flowing water in river, ever changing like time. We try not to change ourselves with time and end up in misery as everything has changed with time.

Once a well known yogi went to a person who was well versed in Upanishads. He told him that he is great yogi and came there to learn about Upanishads. Learned man told yogi to come on next day. When yogi went back, again he was told to come next day. This happened three-four times and yogi lost his temper. He asked the learned man why he is not teaching him Upanishads. He told him that ' I know you are great yogi but you are still not eligible for gaining the Upanishads knowledge'. And he told yogi to come back after a year.

So what went against the yogi? The ego of being a great yogi and thinking that learned man will easily being impressed and he will readily accept him as deciple. Another factor went against him was the patience. Probably he would have been asked to come couple of times more and the guru would have been satisfied with his urge (Bhakti) and yogi would have been passed to his criteria.

Haven't we do the same thing every where we go and try to learn something? We always consider ourselves superior that the person teaching us. We do criticize him about what he does not know, about his teaching style, timings and so on , rather than being receptive to what he knows and gain it and move on. Not always we requires the guru to explain the things, anything in universe can express themselves provided we have patience, dedication ( Bhakti) and receptiveness (open mindedness). Innovation is the one of the example of where things explaining themselves and Innovators receiving the knowledge. Then what makes scientists like Einstein, Madam Curie different than common man? The qualities like open mindedness, dedication and patience.

This does not apply to only gaining knowledge. It applies to wherever we are at receiving side. Be it a patient receiving treatment from doctor or be it a student receiving knowledge from teacher and so on...